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The Power of Your Point of View

Enable prospective customers to recognize the value of your solution.

A point of view is the key to acquiring and retaining customers. We help entrepreneurs who have developed a research-based perspective package and broadcast their point of view to build the credibility, thought-leadership, and recognition for improved lead generation.


Are You Asking the Right Questions?

  • Do you know what you stand for and why?
  • Are you a thought leader … the authority in your field or specialty?
  • Can you easily confirm the value that you provide to your customers?


Do You Suffer From These Symptoms?

  • The sales pitch is full of confusing jargon
  • Competing on price is necessary to find new revenue
  • Marketing efforts, especially trade shows, deliver minimal value to the sales and lead generation process
  • Customer retention is low and dissatisfaction high


Say Goodbye to Risk Perceptions and Hello to Customer Confidence

B2B purchasing decisions are rife with concerns over job security, reputations, and personal interests. Multiply this by the number of stakeholders typically involved—each with a unique agenda and perspective—it’s hard for businesses to generate new leads.

Magnusson-Skor helps qualified entrepreneurs temper the factors that make B2B lead generation a pain point for most businesses.


Let Us Help You

At Magnusson-Skor Publishing, we serve small business entrepreneurs who have cultivated a distinct perspective from research and experience in their field. We bring over a decade of experience helping clients package and promote their point of view to improve lead generation. Whether through best-selling books, keynote speeches, online media, or other outlets, we bring the time, talent, and capacity to develop and promote your point of view.


Leverage Our Network

Our partners include:

  • Speaker Bureaus
  • Associations
  • Distributors


We Exist for You, the Entrepreneur

We are committed to helping businesses gain the recognition they deserve. We start each day in pursuit of giving entrepreneurs the platform to improve their lead generation—the necessary condition for better sales effectiveness.


Our Process, A to Z

A new kind of marketing

Prospective buyers have grown indifferent to the topical nature of traditional marketing. The deluge of slogans, taglines, and value propositions has created a need for more thought-provoking, inspiring, and resonant messages—messages that articulate not just what you do, but why and how you do it.


Three months from start to finish

If we accept your project, we bring your point of view to market within 3 months.

  • Develop – Edit and refine point of view
  • Deploy – Build the strategy and platform
  • Promote – Target the right channels
  • Sustain – Ensure relevancy and effectiveness