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The New Agenda: Achieving Personalized Learning Through Digital Convergence

By Shawn K. Smith

K-12 education struggles, and in many cases, fails to produce graduates with the competencies to compete in today’s world. The accelerated rate of technological change is surpassing the industry’s ability to adapt—preventing schools from realizing the potential of personalized learning and digital technology. In response, district leaders are turning to immediate, near-sighted solutions that fail to meet the needs of their district and provide any long-term benefit. Given the pace of change facing districts and the number of new solutions and vendors flooding the market, district leaders need a revolutionary approach, a methodology, to keep K-12 education at the leading edge of technological advancement in order to best equip young generations.

Based on a proven framework embraced by some of today’s most prominent and innovative school districts, The New Agenda provides district leaders and professionals the solution to personalize learning. Unlike other books, The New Agenda provides a systematic methodology that includes key action items across five major components of the education system.













Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology

By Heather A. Haugen and Charles L. Fred

Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology is the definitive guide for healthcare leaders and professionals seeking to gain the most value from their existing technology. To reach the next frontier and improve clinical and financial outcomes, healthcare organizations must make a relentless commitment to a thoughtful, systematic, and long-term approach to technology adoption, one which centers on four crucial factors for success.

This book explores:

  • Leading Change: Essential leadership strategies for setting direction, fostering engagement, prioritizing the effort, creating awareness, and governing the initiative
  • Educating Users: Innovative techniques to get users up to speed quickly on the new technology and guarantee their proficiency
  • Measuring Outcomes: Key performance metrics to drive leadership and education efforts
  • Continuous Improvement: Vital sustainment factors and considerations to achieve ongoing benefits long after the go-live event

Beyond Implementation details the crucial strategies and considerations based on efforts to help over 1 million healthcare professionals adopt healthcare technology. The book provides practical recommendations using examples from some of today’s most innovative and accomplished healthcare organizations engaged in this work. Read why executives from the nation’s prominent healthcare organizations are praising Beyond Implementation as a vital roadmap for success in today’s increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.


The Power of a Point of View










Teacher as Architect: Instructional Design and Delivery for the Modern Teacher

by Shawn K. Smith, Ann M. Chavez, and Garrett W. Seaman

In this newest edition of Teacher as Architect, co-published with ISTE®, authors Smith, Chavez, and Seaman expand the blueprint for blended learning and curriculum design to include a more focused and seamless integration of 21st century technologies that better serves learners of the Conceptual Age. The book takes you on an engaging and enriching journey that will explore ways for you to reflect on and improve your teaching practice. Includes: Bonus Digital Content! vCourse Book Study Blended Unit Plan Digital Lesson Plans Pedagogy Lesson Plans.

Discovering a point of view has the power to create a new business. Rooted in research, a point of view uncovers an industry need and the solution that will satisfy it. That was the case with Teacher as Architect, which explores the fundamental changes occurring in K-12 school districts as they integrate technology into the classroom. The point of view in Teacher as Architect led to the creation of Modern Teacher, a small business built on a research-based approach and technology solution to help school districts transition from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments.

As a new company, Modern Teacher has partnered with 21 school districts, regional councils, and agencies, and is seen as a thought-leader in education technology. The company has generated 50 percent of its leads from the sale of Teacher as Architect.

Publishing a point of view provides the opportunity to develop supplemental resources that further strengthen the point of view and add value. The point of view published in Teacher as Architect was later used to publish, Cognitive Growth Targets Questioning Flipbook. This flipbook reinforces the point of view by providing useful and practical instruction to educators on how to design more effective student learning.

The Power of a Point of View Redefined

Breakaway: Deliver Value to Your Customers–Fast!
by Charles L. Fred

In Breakaway, entrepreneurial businessman Charles Fred presents a revolutionary performance model that helps your company break away from the competition. He offers a new approach to organizational learning that will dramatically speed up the learning process and help any company save on their two most valuable resources-time and money. Breakaway provides the critical information you need for hastening the moment when each worker in your organization can convert knowledge into action to provide value to the customer, and increase the bottom line.

A point of view, no matter how impactful, requires refinement over time as the industry evolves.

Charles Fred originally published his point of view on organizational learning in Breakaway: Deliver Value to Your Customers – Fast!, a best-selling book that revolutionized how industries approach preparing their workforce.
Mr. Fred used his point of view to later found an Inc. 500 company, The Breakaway Group.












Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for Lasting EMR Adoption
by Heather A. Haugen, PhD and Jeffrey R. Woodside, MD

Despite the significant benefits of electronic health records (EHR), organizations continue to struggle with successful technology adoption. Beyond Implementation examines the primary reason for poor and failed EHR adoption, explores real-world results from large healthcare organizations, and reveals a new approach for successful adoption and lasting value. The authors, Dr. Heather Haugen and Dr. Jeffrey Woodside, have witnessed the outcomes of poor adoption and are committed to helping organizations successfully adopt an EHR system. Through actual case studies and research, the book investigates the barriers that keep physicians from making EHR part of their routines. The key premise: a myopic focus on go-live implementation impedes the adoption and long-term sustainment of electronic health records.

Because The Breakaway Group operated in the healthcare sector, the company needed to refine the point of view in Breakaway to focus on its industry and evolving solution to address the shift toward implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems.


The Breakaway Group published their new point of view in the best-selling book, Beyond Implementation: A Prescription Toward Lasting EMR Adoption. In the span of a year, The Breakaway Group’s revenue increased $8 million in recurring revenue. Additionally, the company has continued to promote this point of view in over 30 keynote addresses.

In 2012, The Breakaway Group needed to extend their point of view to address the latest industry-wide change in healthcare.  Across the country, healthcare providers faced the challenge of a new coding system for diagnoses and services that would affect their reimbursement.  The Breakaway Group used the point of view in Beyond Implementation to develop Beyond Coding: How ICD-10 Will Transform Clinical Documentation.  Capturing the industry’s attention, The Breakaway Group was later acquired by Xerox, a Fortune 500 company.

The Power of a Point of View on Company Operations

Data-Driven Healthcare Improvement: A Recipe for Provider Excellence
by Henry Johnson MD MPH, Dustin J. Richardson, and NoraZoe Woolridge MBA M.Ed

Data-Driven Healthcare Improvement: A Recipe for Provider Excellence is a one-stop guide to designing, building, and maintaining Professional Practice Profiles for Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians. Learn how to meet or exceed accreditation and licensure requirements, including The Joint Commission’s OPPE standard, using the metaphor of cooking a meal: planning the menu (profile), shopping for the right ingredients (data) and presenting it a format that will delight your diners (clinicians). Individual chapters address the special needs of Pathology, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Advanced Practice Clinicians, outlining an approach to arranging data into meaningful metrics and presenting them appropriately. Learn how to build a team for profiling excellence, collect and test your data, and move from generic profiles to privilege specific profiles by specialty. This volume is a go-to handbook that supports the needs of everyone responsible for provider profiles, physicians and non-physicians alike.

Establishing a point of view provides the right focus and model to the business.

Midas+, A Xerox Company, sought to establish a point of view in how to help healthcare providers effectively manage accreditation and licensure requirements. The company developed and published its point of view in Data-Driven Healthcare Improvement: A Recipe for Provider Excellence. Recognizing the value of the point of view as a marketing tool, the company distributed copies of the book at its most important marketing event of 2015, the Midas+ Annual Symposium, which brought together 400 participants including C-level executives from the nation’s most prominent healthcare organizations and systems.